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3D Designer Essex Southend-on-Sea

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RhinoceRos 3d

As a Rhinoceros 3D designer located in Essex, Southend-on-Sea, I have the ability to create, edit, and translate complex shapes and geometry with ease.

Author Wired

3D Modelling Made Easy

Rhinoceros 3D is my go-to platform for any project, big or small. Its compatibility with other design, drafting, CAM, engineering, analysis, rendering, animation and illustration software, makes it an essential part of my creative workflow.


But it’s not just versatile, it’s a game-changer too. The new SubD tools make creating organic shapes easier than ever before.


And thanks to the thousands of pre-release users who field tested and refined it, this version is the fastest and most stable yet.

3D Designer Essex Southend-on-Sea sam holland rhino 3d

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