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MichAel joseph

I love working with Michael Joseph on their advertising campaigns. It all starts with understanding their goals, target audience, and competition. From there, I come up with a plan to help them convey their message in a new and exciting way.

Advertising Essex Southend-on-Sea

seizinG the oppoRtunity

How Michael Joseph Publishing Adapted to Lockdown Restrictions

Michael Joseph Publishing sure knows how to get creative when the going gets tough! Even with lockdowns in 2021 and restrictions still in place in 2022, they found a way to keep the excitement going by hosting a virtual murder mystery party over Twitter.


I was thrilled to be a part of this innovative project which showcased their latest releases and newest authors to a vast army of enthusiastic crime bloggers. By collaborating with MJ to promote the event, I was able to engage their target audience and generate buzz around their brand.


It’s amazing to see how creative thinking and a willingness to try new things can pay off in such a big way.

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Advertising Essex Southend-on-Sea

the solution

Designing the Perfect Invitation & Brochure for MJ Publishing’s Crime Party

I was ecstatic to work on the design for MJ Publishing’s annual crime party invitation with only a month to go. Drawing inspiration from the hashtag “MJCaseFiles22,” I created a theme around fictitious crime scene case files, using unique layers and textures to bring a touch of realism to the design. I spent hours crafting visually similar but not repetitive social media cards, making sure to strike the perfect balance.


Next up was designing the physical “Casefiles” brochure, which was a challenge given the task of designing nearly 100 pages to look like a genuine casefile complete with all the suspects (authors) and their crimes (books). Despite the tight deadline, I was determined to deliver the best possible outcome, making sure that every detail was perfect.

Advertising Essex Southend-on-Sea

Designing an Engaging Social Media Campaign & Evidence Box for MJ Publishing’s Killer Event

To get the bloggers excited about the event, I designed an evidence box containing all the essentials needed to survive the night and catch the fictitious killer on the loose. The box included snacks, drinks and even a card magnifying glass for social media photo opportunities.


For Phase 2, it was all about creating social media designs for the night itself. I designed 10 separate clues, intro and outro Twitter cards, and even an animation used to build hype and promote the event on MJ’s social channels. In addition, I created 30 Twitter cards specifically for each author and their new release to promote them throughout the night.


With the virtual event happening in real-time, there was no room for error. However, with a few last-minute tweaks, the work was complete. It was a nerve-wracking wait, but the event was a resounding success. 

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Advertising Essex Southend-on-Sea

the chAnGinG MARket

Navigating the Challenges of Book Promotion in a Digital Age

One of the biggest challenges is standing out in a crowded market. With so many books being released every year, it’s crucial to find new and innovative ways to capture the attention of readers.


Another challenge is reaching readers in an increasingly digital age. As more people consume content online, publishers need to find ways to engage with readers on social media platforms and other digital channels.


Working with limited budgets is also a significant challenge. Promoting a book can be expensive and many publishers don’t have the resources to invest in large-scale marketing campaigns. 


Finally, publishers need to strike a balance between promoting the book and staying true to its core themes and ideas. But with my experience and expertise, I’m confident that I can help publishers overcome these challenges and create effective marketing campaigns that resonate with readers.

Advertising Essex Southend-on-Sea

the peRfect pRoduct

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Advertising Essex Southend-on-Sea

GoAls foR GRoWth

How #MJCaseFiles22 Trended and Promoted 30+ Books with Zero Advertising Spend

Social media is a powerful tool that can give publishers valuable insights into the success of their campaigns. From something as simple as a hashtag, I can track engagement and understand how the audience is responding.


During the three days leading up to and including the event, the hashtag ‘MJCaseFiles22’ was liked, retweeted, commented on and viewed over 20,000 times! And for half an hour on the evening of February 28th, it was trending fourth on Twitter in the UK, just behind the Green Bay Packers.


Thanks to this virtual event, we were able to reach new audiences and promote the books far more than we could have with a typical in-person party. Despite the challenges of limited social interaction, I proved that there are always alternatives if you’re willing to think creatively.


With incredible visuals that I was immensely proud of, I was able to advertise over 30 books without any social media advertising spend, simply by harnessing the power of a free app, the power of people and their word of mouth. It’s a testament to the power of innovation and the endless possibilities of digital media.

20,000 Times

Over 3 days #MJCaseFiles22 was liked, retweeted, commented on, and viewed over 20,000 times.

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20/03/2021 – 20/06/2021
20/03/2022 – 20/06/2022


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Advertising Essex Southend-on-Sea

leARn MoRe

Michael Joseph

Penguin Michael Joseph publishes some of the world’s most popular authors. They specialise in women’s fiction, crime, thriller, cookery, memoir and lifestyle books. Many of their authors are now or soon will be, household names here in the UK and around the world.



Whether it’s an action-packed adventure or a heartfelt drama, I have the skills and expertise to create an unforgettable cinematic experience that will leave your audience captivated.


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