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Wt AuthoR

When WT Author approached me to create a video for their brand, my first step was to get to know their unique goals, target audience and competitors. By collaborating with the team, I was able to identify the message they wanted to convey through their video and developed a comprehensive creative brief that outlined the project’s requirements.

Video Producer Essex Southend-on-Sea

seizinG the oppoRtunity

Adapting to the Modern Buyer

A good storyboard is crucial to delivering the best possible result and that’s something I always keep in mind. It helps me plan my shots and ensure that everything comes together perfectly in the end. With a well-crafted storyboard, I can create a compelling video that meets the needs and expectations of my clients.


We all know that 2020 was a challenging year for organisations, but at WT Author, they were excited to embrace the new opportunities and tackle any obstacles that come their way. As they adapt to the changing sales process, they’re committed to meeting the needs and expectations of modern buyers.

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Video Producer Essex Southend-on-Sea

the solution

Mastering the Art of Attention-Grabbing Content

As a freelance videographer, I pride myself on my ability to produce top-notch content without overspending. I know that budgets can be tight but that shouldn’t mean sacrificing quality. Instead, I take a creative and resourceful approach to ensure that the content is both engaging and affordable.


Once a pitch deck is prepared, the next step is to write the script that brings the concept to life. I use visuals, music and sound effects to make the story more relatable and memorable for the audience. Finally, I include a call to action that aligns with the brand’s goals to encourage the audience to take action.

Video Producer Essex Southend-on-Sea

The Power of Visuals & Audio

For me, video design is all about capturing the brand’s essence. I carefully select typography and graphics that represent the brand’s tone, style and message.


This ensures that the video is not only visually on-point but also conveys the message in a clear and effective way.

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Video Producer Essex Southend-on-Sea

the chAnGinG MARket

The Rise of Video Content for Microbrands

I know that video content has become essential for microbrand watch companies to succeed in today’s digital age. It’s important to create content that is both compelling and representative of the brand’s identity. 


People are looking for authentic, behind-the-scenes glimpses into the production process, which showcases the unique craftsmanship and quality of the product.


By staying on top of trends and using creative and innovative approaches, I can help microbrands create video content that will set them apart in the market.

Video Producer Essex Southend-on-Sea

the peRfect pRoduct

tablet studios

Video Producer Essex Southend-on-Sea

GoAls foR GRoWth

Triple Win

My recent efforts have resulted in an incredible 38% increase in clicks compared to the same three-month period last year.


That’s not all, as I’ve also seen an 18% increase in impressions during the same time frame, which means their message is reaching a wider audience.


But the best news of all is that the pre-orders have increased by 15%, resulting in a total of £45,747! This is a fantastic accomplishment, and it’s all thanks to the hard work and dedication.

+38% Increase in Clicks

20/03/2021 – 20/06/2021

20/03/2022 – 20/06/2022


3 month comparison, year-on-year

+18% Increase in Impressions

20/03/2021 – 20/06/2021
20/03/2022 – 20/06/2022


3 month comparison, year-on-year

+15% Increase in Preorders

Versus previous year


From £40,042
to £45,747

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Video Producer Essex Southend-on-Sea

leARn MoRe

WT Author

The independent microbrand that designs and builds limited edition, handmade watches from their workshop in Shropshire, UK.


Video Production 

I’m excited to help you bring your vision to life with a high-quality video that captures your audience’s attention and makes an impact. Whether you need help with pre-production planning or post-production editing, I’ve got the skills to make it happen.


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